Jeremy and Andrew make up the Blazing EV team. They both bring experience and perspective to the world of electric vehicles.

Jeremy bought his first car from a rescue mission. It turned out to have a lot of problems and Jeremy got under the hood and started one by one fixing issues. He learned from experience about how cars work. From changing engine mounts to replacing hoses and belts. Swapping head light assemblies and sensors. Jeremy gained first hand experience in what makes cars tick. Jeremy also works in IT. That combination of a love for cars and technology make him a perfect fit for the burgeoning electric vehicle industry.

Andrew comes from a large family and spend his childhood finding deals on cars for family members. He would find a good deal on an inexpensive vehicle. Fix up any problem the vehicle had and pass it to a family member. That experience with the car market allowed him to learn about a wide range of difference makes and models. It gave him a love for the car industry. He prefers a good tough SUV with 4 wheel drive that he can drive in any climate or road condition.

Together they set out to help you learn about the switch to electric vehicles. If you decide to make the switch, this blog will help you familiarize yourself with how electric vehicles work. As well as help find the right car for you.