Rivian Owners To Get Access To Tesla Superchargers

Following in the footsteps of Ford and GM Rivian now will be getting access to the Tesla Supercharging Network. They announced on June 20th 2023 that they will be adding support for 12,000 Tesla Superchargers in 2024.

They are now the third EV manufacturer to announce support for the Supercharger network as well as switch all new and upcoming vehicles to the NACS charge port in 2025.

The current generation R1 Rivian vehicles will get the NACS port in 2025 and the upcoming R2 generation will get the NACS as well.

On Twitter Rivian announced that all existing vehicle owners with the CCS charge port will be getting a free adapter to be able to charge with Superchargers. Also they will have additional adapters for sale on their web shop.

Its rumored that Hyundai is considering switching to the NACS as well. This leaves companies like BMW, Lucid, Mercedes, BMW, VW / Porsche, Toyota, Chrysler still on the CCS charge port. It is likely just a matter of time before more companies will jump on board and switch charging connectors to the NACS.

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