Can You Charge Your Tesla With A Jackery?

Can you charge your Telsa with a Jackery ? While their official stance is no. It turns out its actually possible. Say you take a Jackery 1000, 1500, 2000, or 3000 with you on your camping trip to power your phone, coffee maker and other electronics on the trip. You are out in the boonies enjoying nature and as you are packing up to head home range anxiety sets in. You wonder if you have enough range in your vehicle to make it to the next charging station.

Can you use the portable power station as a electric gas can of sorts to top up the vehicle enough to reduce your anxiety? Yes it can be done and here is what you will need. First you will need your Tesla Mobile Charging connector with the standard home wall outlet jack. Then you will need what is called a Neutral Ground Bounding Plug. This will allow the Tesla Mobile Charge Connector to turn on. They are cheap around 10 bucks at time of writing and can be picked up on Amazon here.

Plugin the Tesla Mobile Charger to one power outlet and the neutral ground bounding plug to the other and when you plugin to the cars charging port you should be able to start charging. You can also use a power strip to plug in both devices to the power station.

How Much Range Can I Expect It To Add?

You can expect the power station to take a little over an hour to deplete its battery when charging the vehicle and you can expect the following range added by each Jackery if they are fully charged when you plug in the Tesla Charger. Jackery Explorer 1000 will add between 2 and 3 miles. Jackery Explorer 1500 will add between 4 and 5 miles. Jackery Explorer 2000 will add between 6 and 7 miles. Finally the Jackery Explorer 3000 will add between 10 and 11 miles.

Can I Charge With Solar At The Same Time as The Car?

Yes you can plug in the solar panels and charge the Tesla at the same time. Each model of power station allows for a different number of solar panels to be connected but lets take for example the Explorer Pro 3000. This will allow up to 6 solar panels to be connected at once. This will charge the power station at 1200 watts and it will charge the car at 3000 watts. Thus the battery will drain faster than it will charge however this should add a little extra charge time. Also you could recharge the battery after charging the car and plug it back into the car after its charged up to add even more range to the vehicle.

A Step Up

The EcoFlow Delta Pro is a beast of a battery. If you need some serious juice on your camping trip take a look at the EcoFlow Delta Pro. 3.6kWh battery that when full can give your Tesla an added 13 miles to your vehicle in an hour. You also have the ability to chain multiple EcoFlow Delta’s together for more capacity and faster output speeds.

EcoFlow Delta Pro

EcoFlow also sells solar panels that you can purchase to connect to your Delta Pro. EcoFlow’s Solar Panels are 400 watts each and you can plug 3 of them into the EcoFlow. You can also use the battery pack at the same time as you are charging on solar similar to the Jackery.

Traveling With A Charging Station

Considering these are pretty large and hefty battery charging stations where is the best place to put them in your Model Y? The EcoFlow Delta Pro is too large to fit in either the frunk or the trunk well under the trunk it will have to go in the trunk. The Jackery Explorer 3000 is also just a little to large to fit in either the frunk or the trunk well. But all of the lower end Jackery models will fit on both the frunk and the trunk well.

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