Do EV Tires Wear Out Faster?

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Its well known that EVs weight more and accelerate faster than traditional combustion cars. What affect if any do these have on the tires? Do EV tires wear out faster than gas vehicles?

There are several factors that will play into the wear on your tires. The quality of the roads you drive on and your personal driving behaviors are a big factor. In general tires on electric vehicles wear out 20 to 30% faster than gas vehicles. The primary reasons for this are the weight of EVs, the instant torque on acceleration and the tendency to take turns and corners more aggressively than with gas vehicles.

Lets examine this further; first up is the torque or the power of the electric motors. The electric motors have instant torque upon hitting the gas pedal so 100% of the force of the vehicle can hit the tires in an instant. While it may be fun to gun the engine and get to 60 mph in just seconds that force is harsh on the tires.

Second is the tendency to take turns and corners more harshly. Because of the instant torque of the motors and the feeling of EVs being more nimble and fast. Its a lot easier to take turns and corners aggressively at high speeds and this contributes to excess wear on the tires.

Lastly is weight. Electric vehicles in general are heavier than their gas counterparts. For example lets compare the F-150. The Electric F-150 Lightning weights over 30% more than the traditional F-150. This excess weight causes stress and wear and tear on the tires and quicker wear.

How Long Do Tires Last On An Electric Vehicle?

It has been reported online that Michelin did a study that EV tires wear 20% faster and that GoodYear did a study that EV tires wear 30% faster. If you purchase a set of tires rated for 40k miles then you could only expect them to last around 28k miles if they wear 30% faster.

Popular blogger Ben Sullins on a recent Youtube video entitled The Biggest Tesla Myth Solved, stated that have only been getting around 18k miles on their Tesla model Y tires before needing to replace them.

Do Electric vehicles Need special tires?

No it is not necessary to use specialty tires designed specifically for EVs. While more manufacturers are starting to make tires with EVs in mind any tire will work. The only requirement you will need to check is the load range. So most gas cars use tires that have a load range of SL or standard load. But because electric vehicles are heavier there is a good chance you will need to get the XL or extra load range tires. For example the Tesla Model Y requires XL tires, these are not tires designed specifically for EVs but rather just regular tires designed for heavier vehicles.

There is a relatively new load range that has come to market called HL. It is a step up from the XL extra load range and stands for high-load capacity tires. These tires can handle greater loads than the XL load range. These tires may be beneficial for your electric vehicle if you plan on packing your vehicle with heavy loads. Or if you drive in harsh road conditions the HL tires are reinforced with tougher materials and can have greater longevity.

The stiffer sidewalls of HL tires can also contribute to enhanced stability, especially when cornering or maneuvering with a heavy load. This can lead to improved handling characteristics and a more comfortable driving experience.

Getting A Quieter Ride

An important factor to consider when purchasing new tires for an electric vehicle is road noise. Because there is no engine noise the road sounds can feel extra loud. To counter act this issue some manufacturers have added a foam layer inside the tire to absorb the road noise and give you a quieter ride.

Are There Tires That Last Longer For Electric Vehicles?

Tire manufacturers have started to design tires specifically with EVs in mind. One such tire you may want to take a look at is the new Bridgestone Turanza EV. This tire designed for EVs fit on all Tesla Models and the Ford Mustang Mach-E. These new tires were designed to provide excellent tread life, minimal road noise and great wet handling.

They are using what they call ENLITEN technology. Its a polymer that enhances the tread resistance to wear. These tires come with a 50,000 mile limited warranty on the treadlife. The only downside to the tires is they cost about $120 more per tire than the traditional alternative tire.

How Can I Get My Tires To Last Longer On My Electric Vehicle?

When purchasing new tires. Make sure you get the appropriately rated load level tires or greater and get the tires rated for the highest amount of tread life in miles. You can also look for some of the tires listed about that are designed for electric vehicles in mind and have a guaranteed tread life.

Apart from that you should be conscientious of your driving habits. Be careful to accelerate slowly and not gun the motors. When taking turns and corners take care to slow down and take them at a lower speed. Try to plan your route around the best road conditions and actively lookout for potholes or other road defects.

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